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Chia | Fruit Spreads


Chia | Fruit Spreads

As more and more people become aware of chia seed benefits, an increasing number of people are wondering how to eat them and are looking for recipes for these healthy little seeds, and ideas on how to incorporate them into their regular diet and lifestyle, so they can achieve all their benefits.

These seeds can be prepared in a variety of ways. One of the most delicious ways in which you can consume the seeds and obtain their health benefits is through chia fruit spreads.

Due to the high mucilage content of chia seeds, by using it in jams, it allows the fruit to thicken and become spreadable. Therefore, we use the mechanical properties of the mucilage in chia seeds, and substitute the industrially processed pectin that is commonly used in jams and fruit spreads, therefore obtaining a cleaner label, less processed final fruit spread, with the inherent nutritional benefits of the chia.

Our premium chia fruit spreads, are also free of added acids or sugar cane, and instead sweetened with agave syrup, a natural, low glycemic sweetener obtained from the sap of Agave, a cactaceous plant from which the Tequila is obtained.  So you can feel good about indulging and know that you are doing something good for your body.

Chia fruit spreads are available in a wide variety of different flavors and options, including chia marmalade and chia jams. Due to the wide variety of flavors available, chia fruit spreads and jams can be used in a host of manners in the same way in which you would use typical sugar-laden fruit spreads. For instance, you can try chia marmalade on your toast in the morning or spread it on a bagel. Top your waffle with a generous scoop of chia fruit spread to enjoy a delightful treat and a wealth of health benefits. Try mixing a little chia fruit spread or jam into your yoghurt to give your breakfast a delicious addition.

Sweetened with agave nectar, chia fruit spreads also make a wonderful alternative to sugary jams for individuals who are concerned about their sugar intake, and particularly with the glycemic index of the sugars they consume, including diabetics. Agave syrup has a low glycemic index. A wide variety of fruits can be used with chia seeds to create delectable chia fruit spreads, just a few of which include:

Individuals who are trying to reduce their sugar intake will find that chia fruit spreads offer a delicious and healthy way to manage their sugar without feeling as though they are making any sacrifices. Additionally, with each serving of chia fruit spread, you are able to obtain a healthy amount of protein and Omega-3. Compared to the typical sugary jams and jellies, chia fruit spread also gives you a nice blend of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats to carry you through your morning.

We are currently making history as chia jams are poised to become the future of jams and fruit spreads. While pectin has been used for years to thicken jams, fruit spreads and marmalades, chia now provides a far healthier alternative. Pectin, which is a type of carbohydrate contained in ripe fruits, is highly processed before it is added to jams and spreads to act as a thickening agent. The International Pectin Producers Associations reports that an unidentified processing agent is used in order to extract pectin from fruits to produce commercial pectin.

Rather than using factory- processed pectin in our fruit spreads, chia is used instead. As a result, you are able to benefit from a delicious pectin-free spread while still attaining the nutritional properties associated with chia. Along with serving as an excellent source of energy, chia fruit spreads contain a wealth of vitamins.