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This is a section we have made to summarize all frequently asked questions for your review:

  1. a) What is chia seeds
  2. Chia seeds are seeds from a plant called Chia, that belongs to the sage and mint family, its scientific name is Salvia Hispanica. More information on Chia
  1. b) Why do you call it Chia Fruit Spread
  2. Because Chia is the linking element into the fruit spread. Without Chia, we would need pectin. Therefore, the fruit spread is made thanks to the Chia, and Chia (due to its mechanical properties) not only makes this new type of fruit spread become a reality, but also provides a plenty assortment of nutritional properties, see Chia Benefits
  1. c) What are the main benefits of Chia Seeds?
  2. Please see Chia Benefits
  1. d) Can I buy your products here?
  2. Yes, you can buy our products by the case. If you would like to purchase individually, you can buy through Amazon, or through our retail dealers
  1. e) Can I buy wholesale?
  2. Yes, if you open an account, and provide your Resale Tax Certificate, you can have a wholesale account, with wholesale prices and possibility of Net 30 terms. Your wholesale prices and terms will automatically appear when you log into your account.