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We have built our brand to develop innovative and nutritive products, based on Chia Seed, a wonderful and powerful ingredient that is the basis of our existence. We do not develop products that just have Chia Seeds added without a purpose other than incorporating its nutritional properties. We formulate products where Chia Seeds have a double purpose. One, which is the main one, is to use the mechanical properties of Chia Seeds, and use them with the purpose to improve the products we develop, either by eliminating other non nutritive or industrialized ingredients (such as pectin and acids in the case of fruit spreads), by improving taste or consistency in a product, or by improving shelf life or naturality to a product. And, at the same time, adding all nutritional benefits of Chia Seeds which are in order of importance, Omega 3 ALA, Fiber, Protein, Antioxidants and Minerals. We believe in innovation as a basis of success. We come to innovate in a stagnant category, creating a new way to make and enjoy healthy and delicious fruit spreads that will revitalize the category and expand its market share fueling growth. We believe in the positive consequences that our products bring to the market, allowing the people to add joy and health to their lifes. We believe that Chia Seeds should be used more creatively, in order to incorporate their wonders into the habits of the general population.  These are the principles we stand for!!!!!!