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Embrace the Power of Chia.

Welcome to World of Chia. Home of the first and only Chia Fruit Spread. We are proud to bring you the power of the chia, in a delicious, naturally tasting and fresh Fruit Spread.

Natural, nutritive and delicious!!!!! Three simple words defining our products!!!

Our line of Premium Chia Fruit Spreads, have a clean label, just 4 ingredients, Fruit, Agave Syrup, Chia Seeds and Lemon Juice. Gluten Free. All natural. No cane sugar, pectin or acids added. Great natural flavor profile, healthy sensorial experience.

Our innovative mind, together with our restless spirit and continuous curiosity and passion to explore and find the good and healthy secrets of our world, made us develop this amazing product.. made us find this interestingly delicious and healthy little secret from our earth!!!!! Together, we bring you the next generation of fruit spreads….Say goodbye to industrially processed pectin, to added acids.. to sugar cane, preservatives, colorants, additives and the likes…..Say hello to the natural, fresh, tasty and so good for your inner works…The Chia Fruit Spread!!!! The new era of Fruit Spreads!!!!