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The key of our concept is that our Fruit Spreads are made with Chia Seeds instead of pectin. We believe our innovative product is a market disrupter and the future of fruit spreads, as we will all prefer to put into our bodies whole unprocessed natural and healthy chia seeds, instead of industrially processed pectin. In addition our Premium Fruit Spreads are sweetened with low GI Agave Syrup, and naturally acidified with squeezed lemon juice, therefore we do not add acids or cane sugar. We end up with a clean label, 4 ingredient product, natural, healthy, with all wonders of chia seeds (fiber, protein and omega 3) and delicious....You just can not believe this is chia.

Advantages of product:

Clean Label, only 4 Ingredients: Fruit, Agave Syrup, Chia and Squeezed Lemon Juice

No added Pectin, no added acids, no added cane sugar

All natural, minimaly processed

Agave Syrup is a Low Glycemic Index Sweetener.

Communication Objective:

That is a natural and smart product. A revolutionary innovation in a stagnant category (Jams and Jellies). We bring the option to the consumer that no longer assist to this aisle, to come back again. All sugary items or awfuly tasting artificialy sweetened products are no longer the only option. Now, there is an option for a sweet treat, that is not only natural, but it is also healthy, and still delicious. We take advantage of the Mucilage that surrounds Chia Seeds, which reacts with water and form a gel (same gel found in Aloe Vera with prebiotic characteristics), and with the gel we thicken the jam, removing the bad industrial ingredients and at the same time adding the healthy benefits of chia seeds (omega 3, fiber, proetin and minerals).

Selling Points:

- All natural, clean label, only 4 ingredients: Fruit, Agave Syrup, Chia and Squeezed Lemmon Juice

- We make this fruit spread with chia seeds instead of pectin. We put chia to work with two purposes: One, by thickening the fruit spread with the prebiotic mucilage that covers the chia seed and reacts with water creating a gel (like aloe vera), therefore removing industrialized pectins and acids used in traditional jams. Two, by adding all nutritive properties of chia seeds to the fruit spread (omega 3, fiber, protein and minerals)

- No cane sugar, no acids and pectin added

- Sweetened with agave syrup, a low glycemic index natural sweetener

- Flavorful and healthy